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Dave Chappelle recalls Hollywood Bowl attack aftermath, from his son embracing him to speaking to his alleged attacker

  • At a secret standup show last night in an annex to the Comedy Store last night, Chappelle recounted being tackled onstage at the Hollywood Bowl Tuesday night. According to The Hollywood Reporter's Abid Rahman and Seth Abramovitch, Chappelle described being embraced immediately after the incident by his son, who told him, “Dad, I love you.” Chappelle shouted out the many people who reached out after the incident: “A lot of people love me, it turns out,” he said of a group that included Louis C.K. After Isaiah Lee, Chappelle's alleged attacker, was taken into custody, Chappelle said, “I needed to talk to him." According to The Hollywood Reporter, "he asked Lee what possibly could have prompted his attack, to which Lee — who Chappelle said appeared to him to be mentally ill — offered a story about his grandmother from Brooklyn, who had been forced out of her neighborhood by gentrification. The attack was meant to draw attention to her plight, Chappelle recounted."


    • Isaiah Lee's brother says he has a history of mental health issues: “I don’t have anything negative to say about Isaiah. He’s a performing artist who tries to stay as positive as possible," says Aaron Lee, who's eight years older than his brother, in an interview with Rolling Stone. "He does have a history of mental health issues. He does take medicine. Maybe he missed out on taking his prescription. But he’s not the type to just lash out. I don’t understand." Aaron Lee adds that Isaiah Lee has been in and out of shelters in Hollywood for much of his life and has lots of friends in the transgender community, though he doesn't think his brother would “lash out” as an act of activism against Chappelle. Aaron Lee also said his brother's rap song titled "Dave Chappelle" under the name Noname Trapper, "wasn’t even about Dave Chappelle. It’s just that Dave Chappelle has a world-recognized name. People are searching Dave Chappelle all the time, so he hoped it would help him get more attention, more attraction, so people could find it. He doesn’t have any type of animosity toward him that I know about.”
    • Hollywood Bowl beefs up security in wake of Chappelle attack

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