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CNN calls out President Trump's bullying behavior after he calls Don Lemon the “dumbest man on television!”

  • Responding to a New York Times' report that the president “hate-watches” CNN and Don Lemon’s show, Trump tweeted this morning: “I never watch Don Lemon, who I once called the ‘dumbest man on television!’ Bad Reporting.” According to Mediaite, none of Trump’s previous tweets refer to Lemon as being dumb. CNN released the following statement in response to Trump’s tweet: “In a world where bullies torment kids on social media to devastating effect on a regular basis with insults and name-calling, it is sad to see our president engaging in the very same behavior himself. Leaders should lead by example.”

    ALSO: New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman tweets: "People quantifying his TV habits bothers POTUS in a way few other things do. He and his aides take it as some kind of disrespect instead of reporting a fact that his tweets often reveal. When I was asked on a show several months ago how many hours he was watching TV and put it at at least 4, he happened to see it and proceeded to mention that I'd said it to several advisers during the course of the weekend."

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