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Billie Eilish's inexperience in comedy turned out to be more of an asset than a hindrance on SNL

  • In her first time hosting, Eilish may have benefitted from being the daughter of Maggie Baird, a teacher at the Groundlings, the Hollywood sketch comedy school and theater that has produced numerous Saturday Night Live alums. "Billie Eilish might be young (in her monologue, she reminded everyone that her 2oth birthday falls on the day of next Saturday’s Paul Rudd-hosted Saturday Night Live), but, yeah, she’s very young. Still, the singer-songwriter and former SNL musical guest mustered enough performer’s poise to pull off the rare and perilous host/musical guest double act with only a few nervous giggles (during the monologue) and the occasional frozen search for the cue cards (here and there)," says Dennis Perkins. "Eilish joked about the very real fact that her actress and singer mom Maggie Baird’s self-penned, semi-autobiographical movie cast Eilish’s actual brother Finneas O’Connor as Baird’s movie son, while Eilish herself was conveniently written out of existence. Not a great vote of confidence from mom concerning Eilish’s acting potential there, although both of Eilish’s parents were on hand, enthusiastically introducing then singer’s first musical number, so all seems forgiven. On the show tonight, honestly, Eilish’s inexperience with sketch comedy (mom Baird was a Groundling) was more of an asset than a hinderance. The double-duty booking might be losing some of its luster through overuse of late, but it’s still a hell of an ask for a non-actor, and Eilish did fine. She was capably protected by the writing staff, appearing on the safer ground of three pre-tapes. But you’re not a star since your fourteenth year without learning how to find your camera, and the multiple Grammy winner was clearly excited to hurl herself into the SNL mix, which is always a good look. Compared to notable double-disaster and cast-derided Justin Bieber’s hosting stint, Eilish was practically one of the gang all night. Gameness washes off a lot of sins." ALSO: Kate McKinnon's return was a welcome relief.

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