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The Other Two's Lance Arroyo Keeps Dabbing His Way Into Our Hearts

Josh Segarra plays the lovable hunk who puts his own twist on being a himbo.
  • Josh Segarra as Lance Arroyo in The Other Two (Photo: HBO Max; Primetimer graphic)
    Josh Segarra as Lance Arroyo in The Other Two (Photo: HBO Max; Primetimer graphic)

    The Other Two sets the expectations for Lance Arroyo (Josh Segarra) very low. Yes, he is one of the most attractive people to ever grace television, with just the right amount of muscles and a winning smile. But he’s a Foot Locker employee who unironically still says “Damn, Daniel,” and his biggest idea to break out of retail is “shoes, but invisible.” He excitedly shows up for a dinner with his ex-girlfriend Brooke’s (Heléne York) family despite the fact that they broke up weeks ago. She isn’t shy about showing her disdain for Lance. Even his perfect physique isn’t enough for her anymore — they didn’t have sex for a year because of his obsession with dabbing.

    He’s presented at first as a stereotypical hot dude with no brains, a character there to laugh at and nothing else. But as the series goes on, he proves to be more than just a joke delivery machine. His career takes off, he explores new relationships, he takes lots (and lots) of on-screen showers. Through it all, even as his character grows, he’s unapologetically a himbo.

    Himbos aren’t a monolith — there’s a taxonomy worth exploring. In the most simplistic terms, a himbo is a person who is wildly attractive but not that bright. You’ve got your hot goofs, people who are kind but clueless beyond repair. There’s your ripped meatheads, the people who are so into keeping their rockin’ bods rockin’ that they don’t even bother to use their brains for anything else. Then there’s the lovable hunk, someone who may not have the smarts of a rocket scientist but has something much more important: emotional intelligence (and still a very, very rockin’ bod). Lance is most like the latter, while pushing the limits to end up in a category all his own.

    It’s not that Lance isn’t smart. His synapses are firing fast enough to bring clever wordplay into the description of his designs, like the shoe with a change drawer: “It’s like how everybody is talking about how they want to look like a million bucks, but now, you can also sound like a dollar.” No, Lance’s defining himbo factor (other than his abs and arms and thighs and… what was I talking about?) is his unbridled enthusiasm. He sees the best in everyone and has a completely sincere smile constantly stretching across his face. He recognizes when someone else is hurting, and tries to raise their spirits. He solves problems by staying positive. And he’s that happy because he’s able to see the world in the simplest terms, which in many ways is the galaxy brain way of living.

    Lance truly believes that he can do anything he puts his mind to, sometimes to his detriment. When he’s first introduced in the series, he has a broken finger. Why? “I guess I can’t do a backflip.” But he never would have known unless he tried. It’s an admirable trait. He may have to test them, but it proves that he does have limits.

    And in his relationship with Brooke, he proves that he’s not just a puppy dog who will follow her around no matter what. In Season 1, she breaks up with him to figure out her purpose in life, only to come crawling back when she misses him, firmly stating, “I’m ready to be together now, so we are.” But Lance has been doing well on his own, and says as much, not letting Brooke drag him back into a relationship when he’s not ready for it. He may be a himbo, but he still has standards and boundaries, ones that he can very gently but effectively put into place. That has to be one of the smartest things a person can do.

    Lance’s particular brand of himbo-ism is infectious. Before long, Brooke, who vehemently condemned his dabbing at the series’s start, is unironically joining in. When Brooke and her brother Cary (Drew Tarver) end up alone and despondent at a 30 Under 30 event, Lance’s encouragement inspires them both to walk the red carpet with earnest excitement. He’s the only one who can match Pat’s (Molly Shanon) energy at family gatherings, giving her the loving and enthusiastic greeting she craves from her children.

    Himbos can contain multitudes. They shouldn’t be written off as unintelligent hotties. It’s not just about walking around in a towel or sporting fashion that shows off a six-pack or having intense physical chemistry with absolutely everyone, though Lance manages to have all three. But he’s also an innovator, a man with big ideas. He’s tapped into the culture, with an appreciation for everything from the smallest web series to the biggest film franchise. Lance Arroyo is raising the bar for himbos everywhere, showing them they can be anything they want to be.

    The Other Two Season 3 premieres May 4 on HBO Max. Join the discussion about the show in our forums.

    Brianna Wellen is a TV Reporter at Primetimer who became obsessed with television when her parents let her stay up late to watch E.R. 

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