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Your Guide to the Celebrity Guest Voices of Big Mouth Season 3

A new hormone monstress, a seductive cell phone, and a love interest for Matthew are among Season 3's new characters — see who's voicing them!
  • Andrew and Nick (voiced by John Mulaney and Nick Kroll) are joined by some top-shelf guest voices in Big Mouth's just-dropped third season. (Photo: Netflix)
    Andrew and Nick (voiced by John Mulaney and Nick Kroll) are joined by some top-shelf guest voices in Big Mouth's just-dropped third season. (Photo: Netflix)

    Netflix's Big Mouth is one of the streaming platform's most audacious and hilarious comedies. An animated series about pubescent middle schoolers that takes all the changes their bodies and hormones are going through both seriously and like the grotesque deluge of indignities that they often feel like. And while dealing with the sexual awakening of minors tends to get independent films into trouble, this broad comedy fully gets away with it by rendering it all as a raucous cartoon. The Big Mouth universe contains literal hormone monsters, talking vaginas, and big production numbers about body positivity, while also taking the time to seriously grapple with everything from dick pics to toxic masculinity to the wide and wonderful LGBTQ spectrum. In short: it's a great show.

    It's also a show that attracts some top shelf voice talent. The regular cast features Nick Kroll and John Mulaney as best friends Nick and Andrew. Maya Rudolph voices Connie, the unhinged Hormone Monstress, Jessi Klein plays Nick and Andrew's friend Jessi, while Jenny Slate voices the brace-faced, sci-fi obsessed Glo-Worm-humper Missy, and Jason Mantzoukas plays newly-awakened bisexual embodiment of chaos Jay. Across its first two seasons, the show has attracted guest stars like Kristen Wiig, Gina Rodriguez, Kristen Bell, Nathan Fillion, and in a delicious recurring role as the Shame Wizard, David Thewlis.

    Season 3, which drops today, continues to up the stakes in both its storylines and in its guest casting. In the interest of getting you good and hyped (normal hyped, not Jay hyped) for the new season, here are some of the brand new guest voices to listen for:

    Thandie Newton as Missy's Hormone Monstress

    One of the many ways Big Mouth is smart about its subject matter is that it knows that all kids mature at different times. As the series began, Andrew was already acquainted with his hormone monster, Maury (and we found out later that Matthew had been aware of Maury for even longer). Jessi was first getting introduced to Connie and her fondness for bubble baths in the series premiere. After waiting for two long years, Nick was finally assigned Connie's services as well at the end of last season. This year, look for timid Missy to finally make the acquaintance of her own hormone monster, voiced by Westworld Emmy winner Thandie Newton.

    Ali Wong as Ali

    The stand-up comedian with whom Netflix audiences ought to be plenty familiar after her two specials Baby Cobra and Hard Knock Wife, will voice Ali, a new girl in class who shakes up the status quo with the girls and the boys.

    Chelsea Perretti as Cellsea

    One of Nick's big stories this season is that he ends up significantly, unhealthily drawn in by the glowing allure and nasty, unlimited possibility of his cell phone. And just like Jay's fuck-pillows before, Nick's temptress gets a face and a voice, this time Chelsea Perretti (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) delivering some seriously breathy line readings.

    Zachary Quinto as Aiden

    Matthew (Andrew Rannells) took some big strides last season towards being a real three-dimensional character and not just a figure of catty quips and intimidating self-confidence. Matthew has fears and hormones and crushes too, and the show is all the better now that we're finally seeing them. Aiden is a cute boy Matthew develops feelings for, but figuring out how to bridge the gap between flirting and what comes next is satisfyingly harrowing. Aiden is voiced by Star Trek actor Zachary Quinto.

    Gary Cole and Julie White as Matthew's Parents

    Also in the interest of rounding out Matthew's character, we meet his largely oblivious parents, who end up falling head over heels for Matthew's straight best pal Jessi. Veep's Gary Cole voices Matthew's chivalrous dad, while Tony-winner Julie White lends her easy drawl to Matthew's mom.

    Julie Klausner as Cherry

    Midway through the season, Andrew and his family take a trip to Florida, where, among other harrowing events, Andrew ends up first flirting with and ultimately making out with his cousin Cherry, voiced by Difficult People star Julie Klausner.

    Martin Short as Gordie

    Of all the great journeys of self-discovery on Big Mouth, my favorite might be Jay, whose unchecked id and unfocused energy (sexual and otherwise) has always made him an agent of chaos. Last season, Jay's confusing sexual appetites made him wonder if he might like girls and boys, a storyline that picks up in Season 3, where, among other things, he gets hooked on a Netflix (ahem) mini-series called Gordie's Journey, about the late-in-life queer awakening of a Canadian magician, voiced by comedy legend Martin Short. Obviously, this show speaks to Jay on many levels, and before long, we're treated to a fantasy sequence where Gordie helps Jay sort through the myriad of sexual definitions that might apply to him.

    Carol Kane as The Menopause Banshee

    Andrew's family trip to Florida manages to be even more unpleasant for his mom, who is going through the attendant hot flashes and shortness of temper that accompany the change of life. Luckily, she has the terrifying specter of the Menopause Banshee to keep her company.

    Wanda Sykes as The Ghost of Harriet Tubman

    Jordan Peele has previously voiced the ghost of Duke Ellington, spectral apparition in Nick's attic. This season, Duke gets a flashback all to himself, taking the viewers back to the roaring '20s and, at one point, calling upon the ghost of the famed abolitionist, who is voiced by the hilarious and singular Wanda Sykes.

    Watch the Big Mouth Season 3 Trailer:

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