WATCH: Netflix Previews Will Smith-hosted Amend: The Fight for America

  • Executive producer Will Smith hosts the Netflix documentary event Amend: The Fight for America, a look at what it means to be a citizen of the United States, both legally and in practice, in the wake of the Black Lives Matter protetsts and the flashpoint of the George Floyd murder.

    The U.S. Constitution originally made no mention of what defines a "citizen," and it wasn't until the 14th Amendment that the term was defined and the right to equal protection under the law was established. 

    "The 14th Amendment is a promise of equality for all," Smith says in the doc's just-released trailer (above). "It says we are all deserving of empathy and dignity. Words have power. Words can change the world. This is why we're here to tell America's story. The story of the 14th Amendment."

    Amend: The Fight for America premieres February 17 on Netflix.

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