WATCH: Wheel of Fortune Contestant Earns a Spot in the Hall of Shame with Disastrous Guess

  • "The Best Buttercut" is not the answer to this puzzle. (Photo: CBS)
    "The Best Buttercut" is not the answer to this puzzle. (Photo: CBS)

    There isn't an official Wheel of Fortune Hall of Shame, but if there were, Thursday night's contestant would be a celebrated inductee.

    During one of the final rounds, the contestant, a man named Matt, made a disastrous guess that confounded viewers. Matt was tasked with solving a three-word puzzle, the second of which began with the letter "N," but rather than guess a phrase that features a word beginning with "N," he seemed to blurt out the first thing that came into his mind.

    "The Best Buttercut!" he said, just before time expired. Once again, one of these words starts with an "N."

    Pat Sajak may have been off camera, but his derision still came through loud and clear. "Uh, no," he said with a laugh. "Oddly enough, no."

    Believe it or not, Matt actually managed to win the game with a total of $23,350. But unsurprisingly, he flailed once again in the Bonus Round and lost out on a chance to win $50,000. Hey, we'll always have "The Best Buttercut."

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