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WATCH: Wheel of Fortune Contestant's House of Cards Quickly Crumbles in Pre-Game Interview

  • A Wheel of Fortune contestant landed herself in the show's hall of shame last week after she was unable to explain what "CRM" stands for, despite it being in her job title.

    Kat Bracknell, who was introduced by Pat Sajak as "a marketing executive and CRM manager" seemed prepared to talk about the company she works for, describing it as "a health and wellness startup company based in Atlanta [that offers] a wide range of products. It's just holistic living, trying to get people off medications, and just live a more natural life."

    Where she got into trouble was when Sajak asked her what the "CRM" in her job title stands for. "CRM? Oh god, don't test me on that." Down went Kat's house of cards, as she quickly dismissed her highfalutin job title, saying "it's just reporting and IT stuff."

    Cue the Twittersphere:

    For the record, the "CRM" in Kat's job title refers to "Customer Relationship Management," and hey Kat, we've all been there.

    Jed Rosenzweig is the Founder and Publisher of Primetimer. 

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