WATCH: Randall Park's First Job Was a Commercial for Chinese Liver Pills

  • This clip from WandaVision star Randall Park's appearance on Conan back in 2015 features a look at his first ever acting job, a commercial for a product that was still kind of a mystery to him — a liver pill that was supposed to give you energy.

    After explaining that his Korean parents did not approve of his choice to be an actor, Park said that after he booked this gig, he showed it to them to prove it was a viable career choice. "It was a commercial for the Chinese channel in Los Angeles, and I thought it was my big break," he said. "I don't have any lines, but I act tired, you know, and then I wake up. I showed it to my mom, and the first thing she said was 'you have to quit. You are a really bad actor.'" 

    To Park's surprise, Conan O'Brien's crew managed to find the commercial, so we can judge for ourselves.

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