WATCH: New WandaVision Featurette Hints at What the Heck is Going On

  • Warning: The following post reveals a slight spoiler for WandaVision episode 2.

    The first two episodes of WandaVision dropped today, but the mystery of why Wanda and the formerly-deceased Vision are living weird fantasy sitcom lives remains.

    This new behind-the-scenes featurette has some small glimpses that get the Marvel nerd minds rolling to try and figure out the nature of Wanda's predicament. She seems at one point to be held captive, at another she seems to be at least partly aware of what's going on and maybe even in some kind of control of it. 

    We also see Teyonah Parris' Monica Rambeau, whom we last saw as a child in Captain Marvel, putting her hand through some sort of force field barrier, leading to questions of whether or not this is some weird bubble that Wanda is ensconced in, if it's one of her own making, or if it's the source of Monica's eventual super-powers — comic fans know that she can transform herself into any form of energy. It could be all of those things, or something else entirely.

    We also see the "beekeeper" that appeared at the end of Episode 2 crawling through a similar barrier. For Marvel fans, the term "beekeeper" is usually synonymous with the silly yellow jumpsuits and helmets that are generally worn by Advanced Idea Mechanics scientists. We did see A.I.M. in Iron Man Three, but they didn't have the comic book outfits. Then again, it's been 8 years since Iron Man Three. Things could have changed. Also in Episode 2, the beekeeper seemed to be trying to get to Wanda, and she denied access. 

    So the guessing game continues, as we eagerly await next week's episode.

    New episodes of WandaVision drop Fridays through February on Disney+.

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