WATCH: Wanda's Hallucinations Look to Be a Form of Captivity in New WandaVision Promo

  • We've been generally thinking that the whole 'sitcom' conceit of WandaVision was an example of Wanda Maximoff losing her mind, but in this new promo it looks like she may actually be in captivity, perhaps in some kind of Truman Show-like situation where she's being monitored and televised.

    This would be one hell of a way to introduce Marvel's interdimensional glob of sleaze/entertainment kingpin named Mojo, but that's a deep cut and highly unlikely, so instead we'll just be pleased to see that at some point Wanda and Vision both dress up in comic-book accurate versions of their superhero costumes. Will someone actually call her "the Scarlet Witch" in this series?

    WandaVision premieres this Friday, January 15 on Disney+.

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