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WATCH: Matthew McConaughey Tells Trevor Noah How His Good Looks Cost His Family a Fortune

  • Matthew McConaughey's acne-ridden youth nearly won his family tens of thousands of dollars in a lawsuit. Growing into a handsome young man blew it for them.

    Tuesday night on The Daily Show, McConaughey told Trevor Noah a wild story about how his mother used to sell mink-oil as a skin-care product, but when he tried it himself, his acne just got worse and worse, until a doctor told him that it was meant for people over 35. Since it wasn't labeled as such, his family sued the maker for when their lawyer said "We can make 35 grand on emotional distress, easy."

    Fast forward a year and a half, after his acne problems had cleared up, and he's giving a deposition. The opposing lawyer lobs him a few softballs before producing a certain yearbook picture.

    "It was a picture of me from that year, a year after the acne, right," he said. "It was me and Camissa Springs. On her sash, it said 'Most Beautiful.' On my sash, it said 'Most Handsome.' Just when I saw that, I knew in my mind, 'dang!' And he goes 'yeah, so emotionally distressful, hadn't it been?' And I went 'dammit, we lost the case!'"

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