WATCH: Trevor Noah Calls Trump "the Michael Jordan of Mispronouncing Words"

  • While tackling the president's obsession with bogus conspiracy theories last night on The Daily Show, Trevor Noah took note of his referring Burisma as "Burmisa" and "Burmisia" and "Bermusia" and "Burrisia" all in the span of five seconds, saying "Donald Trump is the Michael Jordan of mispronouncing words." 

    Noah continued the analogy and swerved into instagram-style filters. "We're gonna have to wait a whole 'nother generation to get someone messing up words at this level. Even then, I still think that Trump is going to be the greatest of all time. I'll be that old dude in the barbershop, like 'yeah, this youngblood mispronounces shit all right, but Donald Trump invented not makin' sense! Watch him tryin' to say Burisma, and tell me he's not the GOAT! Watch him say Burisma! Shit, you ain't never seen anybody mispronounce 'Burizmi-ma' like that!'"

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