WATCH: A Tour of Tom Kennedy's Fascinating Game Show Career

  • Game show legend Tom Kennedy passed away this week at age 93. This clip is a compilation of the openings of many of his game shows over his 30+ year career, and it's a fascinating look at the evolution of television through the decades.

    From 1958's The Big Game, which was basically a safari-themed Battleship, all the way through to 1984's Babble, which never made it past the pilot, the sheer amount of shows is impressive in itself. His biggest hits were Name That Tune and You Don't Say, from the 1970s era when game shows were a daytime TV staple. He even hosted a prime time version of The Price Is Right in the 80s.

    Also, when 50 Grand Slam shows up at about the 4:13 mark, see which one of those competitors you'd consider an "expert on the American woman, past and present." 

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