WATCH: Tina Fey & Rachel Dratch Cameo in Maya Rudolph's SNL-Meta Spoof of The Shining

  • The later sketches on Saturday Night Live tend to be the weirder and more self-indulgent ones, and "The Maya-ing" was no exception, starting with host Maya Rudolph taking a "walk down memory lane" (including a wordless dig at former host and current alleged sexual predator Kevin Spacey) and ending with her stepping into a parody of Stanley Kubrick's classic film The Shining.

    As she steps up to a mysterious studio bar, she runs into the ghost of fictional original SNL writer Gloria Zelwig (Tina Fey), who claims she "was the first one to have the idea that maybe the women could talk." She also sees a mysterious red liquid spilling out of the elevator ("it's just red wine, they can't have the after-party anymore because of COVID, so they just flood the place with alcohol") and the spooky twins in the hallway are now Kristen Wiig's Gilly character.

    Rudolph also discovers a strange bathtub on set, but that turns out not to have a ghost in it, but just good ol' Rachel Dratch in the buff.

    The sketch ends on an appropriately spooky note, with Rudolph appearing in place of the late Gilda Radner in a cast photo of the original Not Ready For Prime Time Players from back in 1975. 

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