WATCH: The Wanda Twin Powers Activate in New WandaVision Teaser

  • The new teaser for WandaVision is titled "Reality," which appears to be a fairly tenuous thing for Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen). We see her manipulating her surroundings while her life seems to be translated into different forms of TV situation comedy... and her late synthezoid paramour Vision (Paul Bettany) is alive, well, and occasionally looking human.

    We also see that she gives birth to twins.

    You may wonder how an unreal robot-type person would be able to procreate, then you may realize that, again, "reality" is not exactly a constant in this series.

    In Marvel Comics, Wanda channels a sort of "chaos magic" to subconsciously will her twin boys into existence, and that's very possibly the case here, given the surreality on full display. The realization that her children weren't real eventually reached her conscious mind, though, and fractured it. The Scarlet Witch then went from being a heroic Avenger to an existential threat to the universe at large. So this series may be our introduction to the next biggest threat to the MCU.

    Another nerd note to watch out for: the source material also determines that Wanda's twins eventually do somehow grow up into Young Avengers. One is known as Speed, who has the super-fast power of Wanda's twin brother Quicksilver (whose MCU version was killed in Avengers: Age of Ultron) and the other is Wiccan, who not only has similar reality-warping powers to his mother, but who also eventually becomes one of the highest-profile gay Marvel characters. 

    WandaVision premieres January 15 on Disney+.

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