WATCH: The Time Lisa Gave a Pity Valentine to Ralph on The Simpsons

  • In this clip from a classic Simpsons episode that aired 28 years ago, a lonesome Valentine's Day for Springfield's favorite simpleton Ralph Wiggum was avoided by the timely intervention of Lisa Simpson, who clocked that the class laughingstock didn't get even a single card for the holiday. She quickly gave him an emergency pity card, and Ralph took it to mean that she really did "choo-choo-choose" him. 

    This is an abbreviated version of that storyline, leaving out the part in the middle where Lisa goes along with Ralph's overtures out of pity only to break his heart on television out of embarrassment. This just has the sweet and awkward parts, including the ending where they agree to "bee friends" and KBBL messes up and plays "Monster Mash."

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