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WATCH: A Shot-By-Shot Breakdown of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Scene That Genuinely Freaked Out the Cast

  • We've all heard the urban legend of the scary stuff that will happen if you say "Bloody Mary" into a mirror three times. That includes the cast of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, but they did it anyway for a crucial scene in the show's final season, when Sabrina is trying to get the gang back together using a bit of faux-scare fun. Knowing it was supposed to be a ruse didn't make it any easier for them to put the legend to the test.

    In this shot-by-shot breakdown of that scene, the actors involved explain that they actually found themselves pretty freaked out while shooting it.

    "I did feel a little scared saying 'Bloody Mary' in the mirror, because in my childhood, that was like a thing," Ross Lynch says. "You'd go in the bathroom, and you'd turn off the lights. I actually never did it because I was always afraid that I was actually going to see something in the mirror."

    Kiernan Shipka echoesthat sentiment. "It just feels like you shouldn't be doing that. We were saying it a lot! We were doing this for half a day!" 

    "I heard stories of when people would do spells on set and there was just like a little bit more of a wind blow," Lachlan Watson says. "Like when Miranda [Otto] would be doing an incantation, the wind would just pick up. Woo! We had some sort of power. So it was a little freaky. I was a little scared."

    Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is now streaming on Netflix.

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