WATCH: The Daily Show's Jordan Klepper Reports from the Actual Capitol Insurrection as His Cameraman Gets Assaulted

  • Jordan Klepper of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah has made it his hook to go to Trump rallies to cover the event and interview attendees, deflating their specious arguments and countering them with logic that sadly never sinks in. 

    The intention last Wednesday was to do the same, until the protest became an insurrection.

    "The one thing you couldn't help but notice was just how many people looked like they were preparing for battle," Klepper says. "From the tactical bests to the pitchforks, this rally felt charged." 

    That charge resulted in the protestors becoming full-fledged terrorists as they stormed the U.S. Capitol.

    "The rioters brought real weapons and committed real atrocities," Klepper notes. "They attacked our democracy, our police, and even our cameraman."

    The footage appears to be of a camouflage-clad guy laying down behind the camera man in order to trip him up as he walked backwards to film an interview, and then yelling "Hey, he assaulted me! I was laying here! You assaulted me!" 

    "Trump's fake tough-guy military are literally throwing themselves on the ground to perpetuate victimhood." 

    Klepper was wise enough not to get too close to the Capitol building and the deadly danger therein. As he was summing up the event, some kind of explosion happened that made him leave the area completely.

    "If the Trump presidency was going to come to an end, this seems fitting. A show of aggression ending with a bunch of people screaming at a building without a working understanding of how a democracy works. America 2021."

    Then, a mysterious booming noise hits.

    "Thunder? Cannon? Tear gas? Let's not wait to find out!" Klepper tells the camera, before heading away from the dangerous scene. 

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