WATCH: The Daily Show Tracks the History of On-Screen Female Orgasms Through Bridgerton

  • In this segment from Tuesday night's The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Desi Lydic looks at the how the female orgasm has been portrayed on screen, starting in the 1930s with Hedy Lamarr up through the present day's depictions in shows like Netflix's Bridgerton, BET's Twenties, and Amazon's Fleabag.

    "Thankfully in the present day, we're starting to see much more realistic and positive depictions of women popping their turkey timers," Lydic says, after tracing the problematic portrayals of the past, such as Jane Fonda in Barbarella and Katherine Heigl's electric underwear scene from The Ugly Truth. "These days, you can hardly turn your TV on without seeing a woman getting off, and finally, movies and shows are doing this through the female gaze, and if you don't know what that would look like, then you haven't seen Bridgerton. It's a show about 19th century British society taking care of their 'little women'... thanks to Bridgerton, there haven't been this many female orgasms since... well, since everyone started watching Bridgerton."

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