WATCH: The Crown Season 4 Costume Secrets Revealed

  • One of the most stunning achievements of The Crown is the amazing work of the costume department, accomplishing feats like transforming Gillian Anderson into Margaret Thatcher with almost eerie accuracy, and capturing the journey of the fashion icon that was Princess Diana (Emma Corrin).

    Returning costume designer Amy Roberts says of her approach to Season 4, "I knew what to expect the second time around. My work is better and bolder, perhaps, because I came to it with knowledge. You'd gone from Season 1 and 2, those lovely muted palates of war, post-war colors, so we had to really pull everyone into the '60s. So we went for big sherbety colors. Moving into the '80s now, and we're holding onto that color, but you imagine it mixed a little bit muddier now. You've still got the tones of Elizabeth, quite clear and true, but just toned down."

    Anderson studied Thatcher's fascination with fashion. "She was obsessed with clothes. There's a lot of letters that were sent back and forth between herself and her sister Muriel when she was in college, and it's all about clothes. She was always incredibly well put-together and huge attention to detail, and that detail was absolutely carried out to a T by the team." 

    "Fashion is such an integral part of Diana's journey," Corrin says. "She goes from being a very normal girl with you know, a very average, I think, taste in clothes... and then, you know, by the end, you leave her and she's really found her voice in her clothing... and that comes across in such a big way, because I think she changed kind of the face of fashion."

    Watch the featurette above for an inside look at what went into The Crown's Season 4 fashion.

    The Crown Season 4 is now streaming on Netflix.

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