WATCH: The Bachelor Women Tell All Gets the Toddler Treatment on Kimmel

  • Jimmy Kimmel Live! fulfilled its network obligation to talk about The Bachelor on Monday night by taking the losing contestant arguments and redubbing them with children's voices.

    "I can think of no better way to kick off Women's History Month than with a Bachelor 'women tell all' special," Kimmel said. "All the women who were rejected by this year's Bachelor got together for a long group therapy sesh, led by noted psychiatrist Chris Harrison. For the most part, it was childish. It was a bunch of immature people yelling over each other. So we, as we've been known to do, gave it the toddler treatment, and I think you will agree that it makes a lot more sense like this."

    The clip in question was the argument over Katie's role in making the house toxic, although it ended with one of the kids using a different b-word: "bed-wetter."

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