WATCH: "Thank You, the Fans" Ackles, Padalecki and The Supernatural Crew Bid Farewell

  • Supernatural wrapped up their 15th and final season Thursday night on The CW, but before Jared Padalecki goes off to become the new Walker: Texas Ranger and Jensen Ackles heads over to The Boys, the erstwhile Sam and Dean Winchester took time out to thank the rabid fans of the show that kept it alive for so long.

    "Thank you, The Fans," Ackles said. "Through blood, sweat, laughter, and tears, you kept us on for 15 years."

    "There's no way that we would ever be here without you and your support," Padalecki added. "So thank you. We will remain forever grateful for the opportunity and the honor to play these characters for so long." 

    The Supernatural crew was also right there with them to wave good-bye.

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