WATCH: The View's Sunny Hostin Doesn't Buy Chris Harrison's Apology

  • The Bachelor host Chris Harrison recently announced he'll be stepping away from the show to educate himself on racial issues after issuing an apology for defending Rachel Kirkconnell's Old South Antebellum party and dismissing Rachel Lindsay's concerns. The View's Sunny Hostin was not buying it, as you can see in this clip.

    "This guy is 50 years old," Hostin said. "I cannot believe that, in 2018, he didn't know that it was inappropriate to attend a slave party... his job is really to make all contestants comfortable, and this season of The Bachelor is supposed to be groundbreaking because it has its first black bachelor. I was really just horrified not only by the interview, but just by the way that he says he just didn't seem to know any better, and again, it goes back to accountability. Can you now 'therapy' this racism away? Should there be no consequences for it? I just don't know. I mean, when do we get to the point when people are held accountable for their behavior? I don't think that, at 50 years old, you shouldn't know any better. I don't really buy that."

    Whoopi Goldberg also chimed in. "If we can't get the people who run the country to recognize offense and what is offensive, how can we expect anybody else to do it?"

    Even Megan McCain thought he was wrong. "When you come at someone, like Rachel in that interview like Chris was, and you're not even listening? You have to listen. She's a black woman trying to tell you why this is wrong, why it's hurtful, why it's going to be hurtful to other contestants of color to be on The Bachelor knowing that he thinks these things. We just have to start listening more, and I know that, at least in my own house, that's what I've been trying to do since the summer [of George Floyd protests]."

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