WATCH: SNL's Alex Moffat Reveals Pete Davidson Runs His Instagram

  • Saturday Night Live star Alex Moffat appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Thursday and revealed why his Instagram doesn't really sound like him. Apparently it's run by Pete Davidson and the entire SNL writing staff.

    "Pete was like 'dude, you're not on Instagram, what the hell?'" Moffat said, with a decent impression of Davidson. "I was like 'yeah, it's not really my thing,' and he was like 'I'm starting an account for you, dude.' I was like 'you don't have to' and before I could finish the sentence, he was like 'moffatpics, check it out'... and he gave the password out to all the writers at the show, I think, so that they could pitch stuff, but also so that they could just follow themselves."

    Moffat still doesn't really get too far into the 'Gram, though, with one odd exception. "The only people I follow are writers and people associated with the show, and then Fran Drescher. My wife was using my phone and was looking at Fran Drescher and followed her. I don't think it was intentional, but I love her, so I was like 'yeah, we're keeping that!' I've gotta be up on my Fran news." 

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