WATCH: Seth Meyers Gleefully Awaits Trump Throwing Don Jr. 'Under the Bus'

  • Donald Trump Jr. may have inherited his father's name, but Seth Meyers warns that he shouldn't expect loyalty from his family. During Thursday's "A Closer Look" segment, Meyers said that former President Trump will happily "throw his family under the bus" if it means saving his own hide, and he eagerly awaited Don Jr.'s demise. "You think he named his eldest son after himself for sentimental reasons?" ripped the Late Night host. "He did it so there'd be a second Donald Trump to pin the blame on."

    Earlier this week, the investigation into Trump's business dealings intensified when the Manhattan D.A. convened a grand jury to decide whether to bring charges against the Trump Organization. Michael Cohen, Trump's former fixer, has reportedly met with the D.A. eight times, but that hasn't stopped him from playing the hits on MSNBC, where he predicted that "Donald Trump is going to flip" on the rest of his family, children included.

    "I also totally believe that Trump would throw his family under the bus," said Meyers, adding that the former president can easily "pin the blame" on Don Jr. "'He's the one you want. That's why he's hiding out in the woods,'" he said, in his patented Trump voice. "I mean, look at him — they only caught him because he waited for someone else to build him a Unabomber cabin."

    "And I have no trouble believing he'd flip on Melania, too," said the host. "'Mel, the Feds are here! They want to know why you committed all that tax fraud!'"

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