WATCH: Seth Meyers Tears Rudy Giuliani to Shreds in 10-Minute Roast

  • Seth Meyers is standing by for Rudy Giuliani's "really big" announcement about the FBI's raids of his home and office. On Monday, the Late Night host devoted a 10-minute "Closer Look" segment to Giuliani's claim that he's being targeted by President Biden and the Department of Justice, an argument that ignores the fact that the investigation into his business dealings with Ukraine began during the Trump administration.

    Since the raid last week, Giuliani has defended himself across the conservative news landscape, but Meyers was quick to note that the former New York City mayor seems to be incriminating himself and Trump, his client, in the process. "I know what he's saying, which is that a lot of the communications and documents are covered by attorney-client privilege, which I get, and that's true," said Meyers. "But I'm not sure everything on Rudy's devices was covered by attorney-client privilege since, you know, he went on TV and read it aloud to everyone."

    "I'm no legal expert, but I'm pretty sure attorney-client privilege goes away when you read the documents aloud on national television. 'Okay, you're all my clients,'" joked the Late Night host. "It's like the dumb criminal version of your grandma reading you a funny meme she came across on Facebook."

    Check out Seth Meyers' full Rudy roast above.

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