WATCH: Seth Meyers Calls Trump "The Johnny Appleseed of COVID"

  • It's not often that late night hosts get to do their thing in prime time, but last night Seth Meyers hosted a special live half-hour edition of his popular "Closer Look" segment at 8:30 PM.

    Meyers joked that the only reason he was in prime time was because "they had to shut down production on Superstore for a few months. Come back, Superstore. I like my normal time slot, where I can say the f-word and they can bleep it in post." 

    He did manage to keep it clean while focusing the entire episode on Donald Trump's behavior, including what he calls the president's "televised therapy sessions" - i.e. when he calls into Fox News programs and rambles incoherently for as long as they let him. "Listening to one of these interviews with Trump is like taking a bunch of your racist uncle's Facebook posts and putting them in a blender," he joked, calling his screeds "impossible to follow unless you are deeply immersed in the Fox News Cinematic Universe of gripes and conspiracy theories." 

    Meyers also touched on Trump as "the Johnny Appleseed of COVID, a one-man super-spreader," his weird Twitter videos that seem "like he's trying to sell me a reverse mortgage or an above-ground pool," his plugging of the Regeneron medication of which he is also a stockholder. There's even a "Debbie Downer" reference to his Saturday Night Live days. 

    Time will tell whether we get more Closer Look Thursdays between now and election day. In the meantime, Late Night with Seth Meyers airs weeknights at 12:35am.

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