WATCH: Seth Meyers on Trump vs. COVID-19 — 'The Mayor From Jaws Would Be an Upgrade'

  • Seth Meyers slammed the administration's decision to just give up on even trying for containment of the virus on Monday's Late Night, saying "Since the outset of the pandemic, it's been clear that the president has no interest in doing anything other than whining about it."

    "At this point, the mayor from Jaws would be an upgrade," he said, invoking that character's insistence on keeping beaches open during deadly shark attacks. "At least in that movie, the mayor was in denial. He wasn't going around saying "look, sharks gotta eat, too! Now help me push these kids into the ocean!'"

    Meyers also dismantled Trump's claim at the last debate that the virus is no longer being an issue in certain states.

    "Every single one of the states he namechecked — Texas, Florida, and Arizona — were seeing major spikes in COVID cases," Meyers said.

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