WATCH: Seth Meyers Mocks 'Pathetic' Trump Begging Women to Like Him

  • President Trump has been literally begging suburban women to like him. On tonight's Late Night, Seth Meyers called that out for the 'pathetic refrain' it is.

    "You can tell which constituencies Trump is doing especially poorly with, because he's not subtle about pandering to them," Meyers said, then playing clips where he literally said "Suburban women, will you please like me?" at a rally. 

    Meyers recalled Jeb Bush's crash and burn during the 2016 Republican primary. "Remember when this wet sandwich over here wrapped up one of his speeches with 'please clap' and everybody on both sides of the aisle made fun of him until he disappeared forever, yet Trump begs people to 'please like me' and 40% of the nation still thinks he's some kind of unstoppable warrior king?"

    "Do you think suburban women were maybe, just maybe, turned off a smidge by the affair you had with a porn star?" he asked. "You should try polling that one at Ann Taylor."

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