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WATCH: Seth Meyers Blasts Fox News' 'Stupid' Hypocrisy Over Biden-Putin Summit

  • Seth Meyers put Fox News' hypocrisy on full display Thursday night when he called out the network's coverage of President Biden's meeting with Vladimir Putin. After playing a low-light reel of Fox News anchors calling Biden "embarrassing" and "a kindly old man," Meyers dismissed the criticism and noted that even Putin acknowledged that the current president is "a more experienced statesman" than the previous one. "This idea that somehow Biden comes off as tired just because he doesn't use his press conferences to rant and rave for hours about insane bullshit is so stupid," ripped the Late Night host.

    "President Biden is back from his summit with Russian president Vladimir Putin, and now, the very same people who approved of Donald Trump's friendly attitude toward Putin are claiming Biden wasn't tough enough," Meyers said at the top of his "Closer Look" segment last night. He explained that both Putin, who told reporters that the meeting with Biden was "constructive," and "our key allies in the G7 and NATO seemed excited" to be "finally dealing with a U.S. president interested in global cooperation to solve common problems" after the last four years of disastrous foreign relations. "And yet, and this will shock you," teased Meyers. "Fox News had a very different takeaway."

    Meyers proceeded to play a supercut of Fox News anchors railing against Biden's "weak" performance at the summit and his decision not to conduct a joint press conference with Putin after the fact. "He looked tired, and he didn't have vigor," said former Trump official KT McFarland. "Compare that to Putin, who is a killer, who does have the wind at his back."

    "Okay, I've compared them. Am I supposed to be on Team Killer?" asked Meyers, making his feelings about Fox News' coverage of "tired" Biden clear. "I mean, Trump's the one who constantly looked exhausted and drained of energy because he spent all his time screaming at reporters and pulling all-nighters to hate-watch cable news."

    "Look at him," he said, as an image of Trump post-presidency appeared on screen. "He looks like an old umpire at the end of a July Little League double-header, and you guys are complaining that Biden didn't do a joint press conference with Putin to correct him?"

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    Claire Spellberg Lustig is the TV Editor at Primetimer and a scholar of The View. Follow her on Twitter at @c_spellberg.

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