WATCH: Seth Meyers' Favorite Show is Tiny Secret Whispers

  • One of the recent running gags on Late Night with Seth Meyers has been Meyers' insistence that we all should be watching the show Tiny Secret Whispers. In the above clip from three weeks ago, he says "you can watch it off one of the apps on Apple TV. It's not an Apple TV show." We'll save you the Google search — it's not a real show, but it certainly sounds like it could be.

    The bit is just Meyers talking to someone off camera and recapping the strange events of the latest imaginary episode. In the clip above, he explains how a dentist got murdereed, and the husband lied about having an appointment even though he was still obviously under the influence of Novocaine. He also mentions that there are twins on the show, played by different actors, which he says is good because "I think now, if you have one actor playing both, you know, you think about Armie Hammer."

    Then in this clip from last week, he complains that Tiny Secret Whispers was snubbed by the Golden Globes, although this time he called it Secret Tiny Whispers and lauded its opening credits and theme song, and also cites an overused line of dialogue on the show.

    Just last night, he furthered the plot (and got the fake name right again) by revealing that the parents have learned that one of the twins isn't theirs, but Detective Delgado is thankfully still alive.

    Stay tuned for more Tiny Secret Whispers updates.

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