WATCH: Sex and the City Revival Gets 'Burnt' By Seth Meyers

  • With Trump out of the White House, Late Night with Seth Meyers is finally able to take its foot off the gas a bit, giving the host time for some hot takes on other topics in his "Ya Burnt" segment.

    In this clip from Tuesday night's show,, Meyers goes right in on the upcoming Sex and the City revival. "The show I've accidentally watched in its entirety four times with four different girlfriends is finally getting a reboot, but with no Kim Cattrall. You can't do Sex and the City without Samantha! She was the Sex! You take Samantha out, it's like taking Willy Wonka out of the chocolate factory, and if Samantha were here, this is where she'd say 'I wouldn't mind having HIS Willy Wonka inside MY chocolate factory,' and the joke wouldn't exactly make sense, but Cattrall sells it!"

    He goes on to send a little singe towards a certain Netflix show as well. "We already have a Sex and the City reboot. It's called Emily in Paris and it's 'beret-ly' watchable. That's a Carrie joke."

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