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WATCH: Go-Big Show's Rosario Dawson Says She Didn't Know What She Signed Up For

  • TBS's Go-Big Show has been a weird cavalcade of 'hey, you gotta see this' stunts, but what's it like to be a judge (and a sometime participant) as the show's contestants perform their often death-defying acts? 

    "There's so many moments in this where I had to keep reminding myself that I guess I'd signed an insurance waiver at some point? I can't remember, because they had me in danger so many times," Rosario Dawson muses in this clip from Wednesday's Live with Kelly and Ryan. "It kept happening after the fact, where I'd realize 'oh, THAT'S what I just signed up for.' I might've needed that information a little bit more ahead. But I have to say I had some of the most incredible experiences I've ever had in my life. I mean, what 'go big' means for different people is just absolutely extraordinary." 

    Those experiences include the time a guy swallowed a sword and then lifted her up with his eyes, a crazy echo-location crossbow stunt, and the time she and Jennifer Nettles were swung around on a giant pole by a Mongolian strongman. 

    Go-Big Show airs Thursday nights at 9:00 PM ET on TBS.

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