WATCH: Rob McElhenney Details His Disastrous Experience Getting High with Snoop Dogg

  • As Rob McElhenney learned first-hand, when Snoop Dogg invites you to smoke weed, you accept -- even if it's 7:30 AM on a work day. Wednesday on Jimmy Kimmel Live, McElhenney revealed that he and Snoop shared a joint while filming Mythic Quest Season 2, an experience that left him "hurdling through the atmosphere"-level high. Lesson learned, dude.

    While the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia cast has been known to party on-set, McElhenney insisted that the team over at Mythic Quest is a bit more professional, unless Snoop Dogg is in the building, that is. The actor told Kimmel that when Snoop stopped by to film a cameo for Season 2, he invited McElhenney into his bus for some illicit fun. The only problem? It was 7:30 AM and they had a full day of shooting ahead.

    "But if Snoop comes to your place of business and asks you to smoke a joint, you say yes," explained McElhenney. "We're being very responsible. Normally, I'd love to share a joint with Snoop, but it's COVID-time, so, again, we want to be responsible employees. I smoke an entire one myself."

    "It turns out, if Snoop asks you to smoke at 7:30 in the morning on a workday, you say no," he continued. "Because by 7:46, I was hurdling through the atmosphere at 30,000 miles per hour, directly towards Mars."

    Luckily, McElhenney managed to make the scene work. "First of all, acting is not that hard," he joked. "But now you throw in whatever Snoop smokes and walking and talking and acting at the same time, and it becomes very, very difficult."

    Mythic Quest Season 2 premieres this Friday, May 7 on Apple TV+.

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