WATCH: Regina King's On the Prowl for Cringey White Dudes in MTV Dating Show Spoof on SNL

  • Regina King hosted Saturday Night Live, and also got to be a weirdo contestant on "What's My Type?," an MTV dating show spoof. In this clip, she's on the prowl for "cringey white dudes in their early 40s, corny, awkward, or douchey," and boy, does she get what she's after.

    First up is Matt (Kyle Mooney), the overcompensating male feminist. Then there's Kevin (Alex Moffat) as a balding musician without talent. Then, there's Link (Mikey Day), the intensely self-aware yet socially stunted nerd. Which one is the most cringe-inducing? Hint: it's the one who gets a disturbingly flirty Urkel impression out of her.

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