WATCH: Paul Bettany Reveals the Awkward Journey of Vision's Penis on Conan

  • WandaVision star Paul Bettany revealed on Conan Thursday night that the Vision almost debuted with a penis way back in 2015's Avengers: Age of Ultron. Not what you'd expect out of a PG-13 movie, until you realize who was insisting on it.

    "Joss Whedon was manning the ship at that point," Bettany said. "He was wondering, 'Vision's going to be born, we're going to see him born, ostensibly naked. He has to have a penis'... and everybody there, Louis D'Esposito, Kevin Feige, everybody was like 'aaaaaah, I'm not sure that's such a great idea for Vision... for him to sort of rise up out of the crypt, as it were, with a penis,' and he said 'I need to see his penis.' So — and this is a true story — artists were sent away to do all of these renderings of Vision being born with a penis, and they put them all up on this huge wall at Marvel Studios, and they invited Joss in, and Joss stood in front of this huge wall and he went 'Never have I been more sure that I don't need to see Vision with a penis.'"

    The final episode of WandaVision streams Friday on Disney+.

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