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WATCH: No One On I Can See Your Voice Remembers Blind Melon's Bee Girl

  • Gen Xers, prepare to feel old. In this cringey clip from tonight's episode of I Can See Your Voice, a one-time pop culture sensation makes an appearance -- and much of the panel has no idea who she is.

    In 1993, Blind Melon's "No Rain" video featured Heather DeLoach as a child dancing around in a bee costume. Both the song and the video were smash hits, burning the words "Bee Girl" into the collective consciousness of an entire generation. Pearl Jam even recorded a song about her.

    Today however, I Can See Your Voice celebrity panelists Adrienne Houghton (age 36) and Nicole Scherzinger (age 42) not only don't know who the Bee Girl was, they don't even know the song that made her famous. When asked to sing it, Scherzinger simply blurts "I don't know what we're talking about."

    I Can See Your Voice, the Ken Jeong-hosted game show where contestants guess whether people can sing without hearing them, airs Wednesday nights at 9:00 PM ET on Fox.

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