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WATCH: Morgan Wallen Appears On SNL, Mocks Himself Getting Kicked Off SNL

  • The Country Music Association's New Artist of the Year Morgan Wallen had some fun at his own expense last night on Saturday Night Live, mocking himself for getting kicked off of the October 10 SNL for violating COVID protocols and partying maskless in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

    In this sketch, Wallen is at that party bar kissing people when his future self (played by host Jason Bateman) comes back to warn him not to blow his SNL opportunity, although Wallen initially mistook the "regular time travel smoke" for a cloud of weed.

    "Trust me, somebody's gonna post a video of you ignorin' COVID protocols and the whole internet's gonna freak out," Future Wallen said.

    "No, I just specifically asked her not to post it." 

    "I know, I thought it was an airtight approach as well, but once people hear about the party, you're in big trouble, man! You're gonna get kicked off Saturday Night Live!"

    "Nah, nah, nah, Lorne [Michaels] would never do that."

    "No, course Lorne wouldn't, cause he ain't no puss. He's a goddamn man, you know. He's got balls the size of Toyotas. But the execs at NBC, they're gonna force his hand, bro." 

    But it turned out Future Wallen was only from a month in the future ("you party so hard, this is what you look like after a month!") and his resolve wasn't strong enough to leave the party either, so another Future Wallen had to show up to get them both out of there, this time played by Bowen Yang.

    "I'm you, from two months in the future!" 

    "What the hell happens in those two months?" Wallen said.

    "A lot! Came to warn ya to leave this party immediately! And you," he said, turning to Bateman. "Came to warn you about that experimental skin regimen you're gonna try out. It might make you too hot!"

    Then Pete Davidson showed up in a puff of smoke ("this time, it was a cloud of weed!") and assured Wallen that SNL will invite him back in two months, because "there aren't many people willin' to fly to New York right now." 

    Wallen then shrugged. "I was really excited to be their musical guest when Bill Burr was hostin'."

    Bateman then went for a high five. "Well, who knows, maybe you'll end up with even a better host, my man!"

    Wallen then hopefully asked "Dave Chappelle?"

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