WATCH: Michael Che Hits NBC for Trump Town Hall: 'We Have a Type'

  • The criticism of NBC giving Donald Trump a town hall on Thursday night continued on Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update," with Michael Che saying "What can I say? We have a type." Then showing Trump in a line-up of confirmed sexual predators with former NBC stars Bill Cosby and Matt Lauer. 

    Colin Jost also took an dig at Trump claiming he'd leave the country if he lost to Joe Biden. "No other country would accept you because you come form America, which has way too many COVID cases."

    He added a reference to Trump's infamous comments on Mexican immigrants. "Though I have to say, it would be very satisfying if this all ends with Donald Trump becoming an illegal immigrant, and to whatever country gets Trump, I just want to apologize because we're not sending our best and our brightest."

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