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WATCH: Martin Freeman Explains the Difference Between Fans of Sherlock and The Office

  • Breeders star Martin Freeman stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Tuesday night, and the subject of the 20-year anniversary of the premiere of the original UK version of The Office came up, leading to a discussion about the rabid fanbases of his work on that show as well as Sherlock and The Hobbit films.

    Colbert asked if he could identify which fans are which before they even say anything to him, and Freeman admitted he could. 

    "If it was a girl or a woman aged between, say, 16 and 25 with long dark hair and glasses and a rucksack, that was Sherlock, without question," he explained. "But there would be some sort of concentric circle of — they're also allowed to like The Hobbit, and they do. But Office fans are mainly 53-year-old men... they haven't got the energy to run towards me, thank god."

    Breeders returns Monday, March 22 on FX.

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