WATCH: The View Hosts Are Befuddled By Saved By The Bell

  • A sweaty, post-jiu-jitsu-workout Mario Lopez guested on The View Thursday to promote his upcoming Saved By The Bell revival when it became very evident that the hosts were not really in his old show's demo. Whoopi Goldberg's face after watching the preview clip is very telling, as is the fact that Sara Haines referred to Lopez's costar Elizabeth Berkley as "Elizabeth Hurley." 

    It makes sense that they wouldn't be, of course. Lopez explained that "originally, the show was a Saturday morning show for little kids, not even teens, so it was very innocent and obviously skewed very young, and schmaltzy because it was Saturday morning." 

    Sunny Hostin touted the revival's diversity, pointing out that the show cast a transgender actress (Josie Totah) in the role of the popular cheerleader. "It's incredibly important to not only have a diverse cast but have a diverse range of issues and keep it very topical... and be socially conscious," explained Lopez. " I think we touch on a lot of those things without hitting you over the head with it. At the end of the day, it's a sitcom and we want to be funny, and Josie, who you mentioned, is incredibly talented and so, so great."

    Haines did ask about the mullet Lopez used to sport back on the original late-80s/early-90s version Saved By The Bell.

    "When you grow up, you like all the action heroes of your time, right?" he said. "So at the time, it was like Mel Gibson, Steven Seagal, and they all had this long hair and pony tails, right? Stallone? So I had an unintentional mullet, and I would have rocked the mullet on this show, except I've got other jobs I've got to be at, so I don't think they would have necessarily liked me to incorporate that hairstyle. I'm not opposed to it, though."

    Saved By The Bell premieres November 25 on Peacock.

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