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WATCH: Leslie Jordan Once Shared a Jail Cell with Robert Downey Jr.

  • Call Me Kat star Leslie Jordan appeared on Ellen with guest host Howie Mandel (who hosted the show from his own driveway), and in this clip he reveals that he had an "unfortunate incarceration" at the same time as Robert Downey Jr. 

    "I'm not proud of this, but I got a bunch of DUIs," Jordan explained. "I had gone to the jailer that turns the key and I said 'listen, I've been here 12 days and I'm having a panic attack, a real, true one. Can I take a walk?' and he said 'what?' I said 'I promise I'll come back, I just want to walk, I'll come back.' He said 'get out of here!' So the next day, he came up and took pity on me. He goes 'we're gonna let you out. We've got Robert Downey Jr. downstairs and we have nowhere to put him.' So I'm the only one that was privy to his address. 152 Pod A, Cell 13, top bunk." 

    So they weren't in the cell at the same time, but technically they shared the same cell, and even the same bed. Small world, indeed.

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