WATCH: Leslie Jones on Supermarket Sweep: "It's Gonna Get Insane, 'Cause I'm Insane!"

  • Leslie Jones tells us exactly why we need to watch her revival of Supermarket Sweep in this promo trailer: "It's gonna get insane, 'cause I'm insane!"

    Jones' exuberant personality makes her the perfect game show host. "I heard that there was rumors that they wanted to bring this show back, and I was like 'who's gonna host that?' Because can't nobody host that but me!"  

    She even auditioned for the show, which was a 1990s staple on Lifetime and PAX, although ABC aired the original version back in the 1960s. "All I thought was 'hey, I ain't got no money, maybe I can get on this show and become famous. This was going to be my show."

    Supermarket Sweep premieres Sunday, October 18 at 8:00 PM ET on ABC.

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