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WATCH: Kimmel Revisits Colton Underwood's Bachelor Moments That Make Sense Now

  • Now that Colton Underwood has come out as gay, Jimmy Kimmel Live! took a look back at several moments from his season of The Bachelor that make a lot more sense, including why he was (wincingly) touted as "The Virgin Bachelor." 

    "Now we have to question everything," Kimmel said, adding "it almost makes you wonder should marriage even be a game show prize." 

    First, he credited Billy Eichner for calling it right away, showing a clip of Eichner suggesting directly to Underwood that being gay is something he should look into, saying "maybe you're the first gay Bachelor and we don't even know!" Kimmel also cited the beachfront walk Underwood took with Heather, the fashion student who'd never been kissed, when he seemed to be avoiding taking that step, comparing it to the Anne Hathaway scenes from Brokeback Mountain. Then he recalled the most famous moment of the season, when Underwood just jumped over the fence to get away from it all. "Now we know why he jumped the fence. From now on, coming out will be referred to as 'jumping the fence,'" Kimmel joked.

    Kimmel has also made no secret of his true feelings for The Bachelor franchise, despite his network obligation to cover it, wrapping up the bit by saying "I'm happy for Colton, I'm glad he figured this out, I wish him well, and if you think about it, this is an important reminder to all of us that The Bachelor is a huge waste of everyone's time."

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