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WATCH: John Oliver Thanks John Dillermand for 'Representing' His '20-Foot-Long' Penis

  • Last Week Tonight host John Oliver continued his streak of unique digital exclusives this weekend with a seven-minute segment about John Dillermand, the Danish cartoon that made waves earlier this year with its depiction of a man with a giant penis. Oliver praised John Dillermand, which quite literally translates to "John Penisman," for providing "representation" for people like him who have a "20-foot-long" penis. The more you know!

    For those who missed the John Dillermand controversy, Oliver provided a brief explainer at the top of his segment. "Denmark has a kids' show called John Dillermand, about a claymation Super Mario who's dressed for a ski vacation and a 1920s beach vacation at the same time. And, much more importantly, has a massive stripey snake dick," he said. Oliver explained that in Danish slang, 'diller' means 'penis,' which makes his moniker "the perfect name for a man with a magical dong."

    "It would actually be a great nickname for my own penis if I hadn't already nicknamed it 'Hugh Grant' because it's British, aging, and I've been told it can be unpleasant to work with," joked Oliver.

    The penis jokes didn't stop there. After running through the show's basic plot and the backlash surrounding its, uh, well-endowed main character, Oliver explained why he felt obligated to discuss John Dillermand on his show. "The reason John Dillermand resonated so much with me isn't just that I found it interesting, or charming, or funny," he said. "It's that I, too, happen to have a 20-foot-long, animated hose dong."

    "As you can see, he has a suit and glasses, just like me," he said, as a cartoon of his "penis" appeared on screen. "And for people like me, John Dillermand is the representation on television that we've been looking for for a long time. Because for us, our penises aren't necessarily sexual, are they? No, they're multi-talented. Look: he can wiggle. He can show off his muscles. He can even make penis animals!"

    Last Week Tonight returns from hiatus this Sunday, July 25, so this is probably the last wacky digital exclusive for a while. But, hey, at least John Oliver is leaving on a (very, very) high note.

    Claire Spellberg Lustig is the TV Editor at Primetimer and a scholar of The View. Follow her on Twitter at @c_spellberg.

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