WATCH: John Mulaney and Seth Meyers on Colin Jost & ScarJo: "We Didn't Know You Could Talk to Hosts"

  • In an extended Late Night interview segment that was only seen online, former Saturday Night Live writers John Mulaney (dressed in a coat and sunglasses gifted to him by the lead singer of The Strokes) and Seth Meyers marveled at the fact that current SNL writer Colin Jost recently married mega-movie-star Scarlett Johansson.

    "We didn't know you could talk to hosts," Meyers said. 

    "No," Mulaney agreed. "I knew you could talk to them, but the idea lf like, you know... 'may I have this dance?' Are you out of your mind? Like, are you out of your mind?!

    Mulaney did note that Jost has an unusual amount of confidence. "We've written those musicals together, and it's not divided up like I'm music and he's insanity, but the sparks sprang out of the wall in the La Guardia sketch that almost hit a flying Jake Gyllenhaal — that's Jost's idea. So that's the kind of confidence that makes you go up to a movie star and go like 'hey, what are you doing later?'"

    The closest Mulaney got to that sort of confidence? "I asked if Danny DeVito would come meet my wife."

    As a button to that segment, Mulaney asked Meyers how Jost's wedding was, and then said "Yeah, I was really bummed I wasn't invited."

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