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WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Teaches a 4th Grade Zoom Class as Mr. Kotter

  • On Wednesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Jimmy Kimmel attempted to teach an elementary school Zoom class under the guise of Gabe Kotter, the former Sweathog turned teacher from Welcome Back, Kotter.

    Ellis Elementary, from Kimmel's home town of Las Vegas, actually allowed him to be a substitute teacher for a 4th grade class, and he put on the Kotter wig to approximate Gabe Kaplan's look from the 1970s show, although he stopped short of trying to mimic Kaplan's voice.

    The class seemed to enjoy having "Mr. Kotter" around, as they took turns saying nice things about him for "Respect Week," laughed at his deadly story problems, and grilled his pet parrot Mr. Crackers until he sang some "diarrhea" songs.

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