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WATCH: Jamie Foxx's Jealousy of Martin Lawrence Led to Netflix's Dad Stop Embarrassing Me

  • Jamie Foxx stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wednesday night plug his new Netflix sitcom Dad Stop Embarrassing Me, and he explained how the 90s sitcom Martin inspired him to play multiple crazy characters on the show, including the flamboyant Reverend Sweet T. 

    "He's based on three people. He's based on a gangbanger, a pimp, and a preacher, so he's a mix," Foxx said. "He'll be in purgatory, wherever he goes. But I was always jealous of Martin Lawrence, because he was always doing characters on his show. So Bentley Kyle Evans... who came onto the show, who created the Martin show, who created The Jamie Foxx Show, he says 'what's up with the characters?' And even my daughter was like 'Daddy, you gotta do the characters.' So we started doing the characters, and we caught something. So now, we hope that this show lands so we can have more episodes, 'cause we got characters stacked up."

    Co-star David Alan Grier, who plays Foxx's father on the show despite only being 11 years older apparently also wants in on the action. "Now this is crazy," Foxx said. "He actually wants to play his own father... he wants to play a version of his dad, who's like 100."

    Foxx apparently also busts out a few impressions on his show, including Al Pacino and a dead-on perfect Dave Chappelle, both young and old. 

    Dad Stop Embarrassing Me premieres for an eight-episode run on April 14 on Netflix.

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