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WATCH: It's Anna Howard Shaw Day, Not Valentine's Day, in This 30 Rock Mashup

  • Liz Lemon kicks off this montage of clips from 30 Rock Valentine's Day episodes by declaring to a child that February 14 is actually famed American suffragette Anna Howard Shaw's birthday. We also see Jack Donaghy getting so caught up in reminiscing about his ex-wife that he starts to carry on with a rando at the buffet (Rachel Dratch) and interrupting Tracy (Tracy Morgan) and Angie (Sherri Shepherd) in their role-playing action. There's also the time a pushy waiter tried to hook Jack up with his mother-in-law (Mary Steenburgen), and Liz realized she's the female Lutz (John Lutz) and hallucinated her ex-boyfriends after a root canal.

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